Thursday, 30 June 2011

Good top bad top.

I haven't been posting as regularly as I would have hoped, as I haven't been posting as regularly as I would have hoped to, but I have been EXTREMELY busy :)
I have found a top I really like from Topshop, and I have managed to make it useful for 3 different scenes (Town, work and evening).
Kat x

Friday, 24 June 2011

Benefit pour tu!

The title is French btw.
Glamour magazine (£2) is giving away a free sample tester of three great Benefit products 
in its magazine (my friend recommended 'Posietint'). I am planning to buy it tomorrow. (Remember its only a tester) My friend showed it to me, and its quite big for a tester!
Online reviews say that it could be worth arond £8 and  fwi the actual thing is £24.50.
See ya
Kat x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Packing Process (S.P.P)

Its nearly time for the holidays, and being the forgetful person I am, I need to start buying the stuff I need. And it aint easy. I have narrowed down some [lovely] objects which I may need (NEED) this summer. Some are more expensive than others, but hey, you have to make the choice whether you want it THAT bad.
I want most of this stuff THAT bad.
Kat x

Nail varnish, $8.00, Essie, here
 (Definitely mentioned before) Sunglasses, £69, Jack Wills, here
Top, £3.99 (!), H&M, here
Cardigan, £109, J crew, here
Sandals, $60, Dolce Vita, here
Bag, £50, Topshop, here
Face Wash, $21, Benefit, here
Dress, $185, Madewell, here
Shoes, $40, Tobi, here
Perfume (Ck One, Summer), $46, Calvin Klein, here
Lipstick, £17, NARS, here
Shorts, £10, Rokit, here
Bangles, $18, Galluzzi, here
Purse, £25, Cath Kidston, here
Playsuit, $95, Topshop, here
Earrings, $2150, Jamie Wolf, here
Bikini, $56, Topshop, here
Necklace, $6.99, Papaya, here
Ring, £69, Klarna, here

Monday, 20 June 2011

The brownie of great misunderstanding

SO, basically, I got it all wrong.
The brownies are not that bad, you just have to wait for them too cool. The recipe was superb, but remember not to mix the brownie and cheesecake too much, because its not really a marble effect its a, um....mixture effect.
(I tend to forget to follow instructions anyway)
Kat x

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Don't be blue; be turquoise.

Heya guys,
I'm really sorry I haven't been writing as much as I wanted to for this week, but I had a ton of work to get off my shoulders!
Today, I made the most unsuccessful brownie-cheesecake any living thing will ever experience (yes, it was that bad).
Tomorrow I will upload the pictures (pinky swear). Polyvore has been a slight addiction and today I have made a set for summer. Hope you like it. 
Going to go to unsuccessfully try to mend my creation (brownie-cheesecake)
Kat x

Bikini, Reiss,  $110, here
Earrings, Anna Beck Gili, $150, here
Bag, Longchamp, $98, here
Shoes, Paloma Barcelo, $315, here
Bangles, The Limited, $19.90, here
Head-wear, Dorothy Perkins, £8.50, here
Top, Browns, £80, here
Skirt, Michael Kors, £655, here

Sunday, 12 June 2011

5 Nouvelles possessions

This weekend has gone by too quickly. Seriously. Ridiculously quickly. BUT, I have accomplished this weekend by going shopping (<3) which slightly slowed it down.
Its bucketing with rain. I have also been addicted with this webiste, Polyvore,m where you can share your style and make collages. Its proper addictive. 
Scroll down to see my 'buyings' of comfort and joy.
See ya,
Kat x
A freakishly gorgeous ring from topshop

A beautiful present <3

New beige-pink pumps (£16!)

Monthly mags

I'm sorry, but I believe this is the most amazing hand cream tub ever.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

the fussy person I am

Being the fussy person I am, I can actually NEVER find the right shade of nail-varnish I want, like a rosy-pink-red. BUT, (*trumpet sounds*) I did manage to make the perfect nail varnish using three nail varnishes.(brands: Aura, Rimmel and Nails inc.).
Its really easy to make but remember to make enough mixture! 
Ta-ta for now